The Club shall be named "Environmental Club of India-ECI" The registered office of the Club shall be 695, Sadashiv Peth, Kumthekar Road, Pune 411030 or such other place as may be decided from time to time.

Rights of the Members

Every member shall have a right to attach and participate and participate in the deliberations of the meeting of the General Body and to vote at such meeting, Subject to the provisions of these Rules, he shall also have a right to move resolutions and amendments. No member shall exercise these rights if he has not paid to the Associations any amount due from him.

Duties of the Member

All ECI members should strictly follow bye laws, rules , decision & discipline of the club.

Cessation of the Membership

A Person shall cease to be a member of the Society on
  • Resignation , Death, his being declared insolvent, convicted by a Court of Law of any offence involving moral turpitude
  • On failure to pay part his donation or his annual subscription, as the case may be, within three months of the date on which it becomes due for payment.
  • Misconduct, criminals etc.
  • Long absentees for more than 3 meetings

General Body Meeting

The club shall have minimum one general body meeting annually & Will be called by the secretary with agenda, time date&shall be circulate to all the members.The President will preside over the meeting.

The club will have Fiscal Year June to May


The club shall cause true accounts to be kept of all sums of money received & spent by the members in respect of all expenditure took place of all sales,purchase of goods & all the properties, liabilities, assets, of the club and will be audited by an approved auditor.


The Governing Council shall consist of not less than five & not more than seven members.The first Governing Council is elected from among the Founder members.The names, occupation and addresses etc.of the Members of Governing Council are as under

Council Members

President Dr. Kiran Kulkarni Technical & Scientific Officer, DRDO
Secretary Shri.Dattatary devale Sr.Law Officer, MPCB
Tireasurer Mrs.Kunda Nerlikar Consultant, Unil Lab
Member Shri V.N.Mundhe Regional Officer,MPCB,Pune
Member Shri. ranjit Ghatge GM, Sandvik Asia Ltd.

To establish, run or otherwise manage & adminster to provide a platform & brilliant forum for professionals, businessman, students, desiring to work amicus curiae in the field of environment. To render advice in environmental field to general public voluntary organizations.

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